Basic Overview of Florida

Located near the bottom southeast corner of the United States, Florida has a high population and is well known as a common tourist destination from people all over the world. It’s also a popular source of relocation for retirees, many of whom appreciate the incredibly warm weather. Said weather is at a price for some however, as it’s largely the result of incredibly high humidity. The state also sees a lot of rainfall, with low visibility sheets of rain likely to fall from the sky at any time. Many families vacationing there run into a dose or two of it during their trips.

Florida became home to Walt Disney World (the second Disney theme park) in the early 1970s. It is easily among the most visited amusement parks in the entire world, with many people traveling to Orlando just to spend a few days in the park. It’s very popular even among foreign travelers, despite there now being other Disney parks in various corners of the globe. The Kennedy Space Center is another common stop for travelers, operating as something of a must-see spot that tops the bucket lists of many NASA and space enthusiasts.

Florida is the fourth most populated state in the entire US, and it is far and away the most populated within the south eastern region. The population tends to grow quite rapidly, so it may rise on the country-wide population rankings by the time there’s another census.

Florida also has the interesting distinction of being bordered by two different bodies of water, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, respectively. The upper portion of the state also stretches out further than some others on the east coast, allowing it to encompass two different time zones depending on the location.

Outside of the often high temperatures and humid weather, the only usual downside of living in Florida is the frequent threat of hurricanes. Their hurricane season lasts for a large portion of the year, sitting roughly between the beginning of June and finishing up near the beginning of December. A lot of the activity heightens as the summer begins to wrap up in late August or so. Out of all the states, Florida sees the most hurricane activity by far. There aren’t many spots within the entire area that are all that far from water. Aside from that, most people tend to love the culture and atmosphere of Florida and they’re often keen to accept it as a second home.