9-foot alligator traps residents inside Florida apartment complex

9-foot alligator traps family inside home

Residents at a Florida apartment complex called the cops on a peculiar midday prowler — a nine-foot alligator.

Cocoa police were called to the apartments at around 3:30 p.m. Monday when neighbors reported seeing the reptile lurking around the house, WSVN reported.

“When I first came out, I saw the police car…I was standing at my door and I was looking at this man who was waving at me and he pointed down and I look and saw the alligator so I ran back in the house,” a resident told reporters that day.

“And I just been looking at him by the window and he was exactly by the door at my apartment,” she added.

When asked what she thought about the alligator by her door, she said with a laugh: “[I was thinking of] trying to get away. Maybe I’ll be nice to him and let him in.”

Another resident said the gator rammed the door at one point, prompting him to lock the front door to prevent it from coming inside.

A gator trapper arrived at the complex about 20 minutes later and removed the animal. The alligator lunged at the trappers at one point and twisted around until it was tied down.

“Experts advise the public if a gator is seen outside its normal habitat, not to feed it or attempt to go near it,” Cocoa Police Department said.

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